The importance of Leadership development for Entrepreneurs

An Interview on Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship Challenges and Team Performance

Corporate Coaching for re-shaping organizations in times of crisis

A webinar hosted by Innovation Investment Fund to address issues faced during covid-19 crisis through a new HR management perspective- Corporate Coaching

New Professions in Albania

Invited as a guest to speak about coaching and its proven benefits at Opinion TV show

Si te arrijme objektivat tona dhe si na ndihmon Life Coaching ?

Nje interviste e dhene per Report TV per te qartesuar ne lidhje me benefitet e life coaching dhe diferencat nga sherbimet e tjera te ngjashme.

How to start again after a tragic event in your life?

3 Things to do when you experinece a tragic event in your life: 1- Give yourself time to heal 2- Be aware of your thoughts and select the ones that serve you 3- Ask for help

How to succeed with the New Year Resolutions

What differentiates people that achieve their New Year Resolutions from the others. How to identify your resolutions based on personal values and some steps to take in order to keep on track with the process.
June 10, 2019

Interview "Life Coaching with Mireda"

Invited in the "Dite per Dite" daily show at Klan TV to speak about coaching and its benefits.
June 9, 2019

Coaching on Values and Purpose

A group Coaching on Values and Purpose. How can we use values to define our purpose and boost the motivation. Saboteurs as homeostasis and their effect on change and transformation.

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