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Teams are constantly working under pressure in conditions where they always need to do more with less. They are object to change and need to adapt fast so that they can deliver the results. The market is highly competitive and the team suffers even when it achieves it`s target.
The TCI Model is build especially for teams that face continuous challenges and it aims to create a sustainable productive and positive team.

TCI’s Industry-Leading Methodology Catapults Teams to Peak Performance

PHASE 1: Team assessment to determine “where we are today” and “where we want to be” includes an action plan with measurement milestones.
PHASE 2: Regularly scheduled team coaching sessions to integrate new team behavior, learn new skills, and take new action.
PHASE 3: Completion includes a review of what the team has learned, post-coaching measurement of performance and a plan for next steps.

Are you interested to make a team intervention that delivers results?

"Thanks to her INNVEST team truly believe that coaching works because it's all about us. When we connect with what we really want and why - and take action - great things can happen. So, we will have e great future with Mireda"Fabi Duro, Founder Innovation Investment Fund

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