Change, Succeed,Impact!


Change, Succeed,Impact!


Change, Succeed,Impact!


Life& leadership coach

We live busy lives in a dynamic environment with lots of tasks and to do lists, all of this accompanied by noisy social media posts and numerous devices. It`s only by protecting the bond with our inner self.

Thanks to her INNVEST team truly believe that coaching works because it's all about us. When we connect with what we really want and why - and take action - great things can happen. So, we will have e great future with Mireda.- FABI DURO, INNOVATION INVESTMENT FUND

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For Companies

Companies operate in a fast changing environment, and it`s between doing business and changing several hats a day in the company that leaders may benefit from a new perspective that coaching may bring. Leadership coaching can help to design or craft the business vision as well as create an action plan towards this vision.

Mireda combines a warm personality with a curious mind. Her stylish way helps clients to really get to the core. Always in Service of her client she won`t go for superficial answers. I know for sure that she can help people to get the most out of their talents and lives.- Paul Rijs, Staff Advisor A.S.R. Netherlands

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Mentoring in the GO2 Innovation project

GO 2 Innovation aims to support local businesses from the sector of Hospitality and Agriculture to improve their performance and build sustainable businesses even in this challenging time. Both services : Coaching & Mentoring are used to create a positive impact in the participating businesses by building management skills and helping them identify new areas of improvement and opportunities. The main topics treated in the sessions were: building skills for human resource management, digital marketing and effective resource management.

Date & Time
June 2020
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I am a Co-Active life coach

I am a firm believer that each human being is extremely powerful, unique and totally capable of any achievement!  I look forward to accompanying my clients to the most transformative and meaningful journey of their lives

Coaching with Mireda made all of us participants more confident and helped us connect better with each other. Learning, connecting and sharing while having fun! Amazing, well done Mireda!- SONILA ABDALLI

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