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Life Coaching consists of structured sessions that start by using tools that help clients create a panorama of their present and monitor the areas where they want to intervene and grow further. A Life Coach is a person who fully believes in your potential and holds you as totally able to reach goals higher than the ones you think you can. A Life coach is not there to fix you or your issues, but will be by your side and help you to design the path and enable you to use all your resources in order to “dance a life according to your own music”.

A Coaching Relationship consists on 3 Main steps:

1- Identify who you really are and what are your values
2- Define Your Desired Outcome or Goal/ Purpose
3- Create an Action Plan to follow thorough and create change in your life

Life coaching is a gift you make to yourself! It`s about taking care of the most important person in your life: YOU. Meanwhile we tend to pamper ourselves with material expenses that give us temporary satisfaction, life coaching is about permanent fulfillment, it`s about accepting and loving who you are and connecting with your values, it`s about being conscious of your great power and not stepping back, it`s about going for it and living the life that fills you up!

What you need to know before starting with life coaching?

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Coaching by offering a complimentary online sample session. This session with give you a real
taste of coaching so that you can understand if it is what works best for you and have me answer your question on coaching. If you are ready to start taking care of yourself and create change in your life, book your online coaching session Below.

"Coaching with Mireda helped me create change in my life and gain clarity on my goals. I feel motivated and inspired to achieve more"
Dorina ,Economist

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