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I am a Co-Active Coach trained from CTI in Switzerland and the Netherlands and also a Team Performance Coach, certified by Team Coaching International. My previous professional experience was related to Marketing and Finance, also my academic education in Economics ( Master of Science), Social Issues and Planning ( MP) and Advanced Marketing make me a good fit for young professionals and entrepreneurs. I work with people who want to create change or transform their business and also people who need to connect with their inner self, identify their values and define their goals.

We are living in times of high prosperity and successful companies, where the focus is put on results and often the costs in human resources is high. Companies operate in cultures of stress, fear and uncertainty, meanwhile the leadership is often unprepared to change this culture and unleash the team`s performance, especially because these leaders are created by this system itself. It is this leaders who are able to create change and transform the company culture. It is a culture of trust, openness and caring that creates a sustainable productivity and that`s where the team coaching intervention creates the change in the company by helping teams develop and be more collaborative.

"My coaching  focuses equally on reflection as on action and teams enter a process of transformation that aims to create better results in a more positive working environment"


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