Why women need to stop feeling guilty

Women need to stop feeling guilty and start championing themselves!

Women are great at multitasking, it doesn't matter if you are a stay at home mom, a woman in career, or even both, the truth is that women have a wonderful ability to keep themselves busy! They are able to do an enormous amount of tasks on a daily basis, finalize them successfully and in the end of the day instead of feeling accomplished they struggle with guilt for not doing more or being more.

For a woman, It takes a huge effort to look at their day from a recognition perspective, what comes more natural is to focus instead on things that could have gone better. But really, how is this serving you?

What if you become more accepting with yourself, what if you start counting all the things that you accomplished today, all you did for everyone else except you?
You will begin to notice that there is less place for feeling guilty and more than everything else there is space for self-esteem and celebration of the wonderful woman you are.
What happens is that in the middle of the endless tasks and responsibilities, women forget to take care of themselves and this is the only feeling of guilt that can turn into something constructive, you need to realize how important it is to take your own time and dedicate yourself entirely to self-care. It doesn't matter how many tasks you have to finish, what matters is making sure you find a way to recharge, to refresh and start over again. If you are a woman who finds herself struggling with the feeling of guilt continuously , remember to focus on all that you get to do , acknowledge yourself and take care of your powerful, loving, bright self! This way you will not only be more effective but you will also get to enjoy what you do and put your special ingredient as a woman in everything you touch: Love!
Love yourself , so that you can love everyone else around you!


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