What is it like to feel rich and how to be in this feeling?

In the middle of a pandemic where uncertainty prevails it becomes challenging to focus on positive feelings but it`s especially in this situations that an intentional effort is required to self-manage and prioritize a creative mindset that enables us to exceed challenges and avoid being suck in spirals of negative thoughts and toxic behaviors.

One of the main causes of increased strength for this spirals is our tendency to not live in the present, instead of that we tend to worry about the future or recall painful situations from the past. What normally happens is that us as human beings understand the value of things we have mostly after we have lost them. How often has it happened to you that in the present you were unsatisfied with your life, then something unpleasant happened and you realized that you should have appreciated your life more as it was?

We live running to provide more,to achieve more, to know more, more, more, more… meanwhile we forget to be present and enjoy what we already have, now!

We dream to have it all: Health,well-being, status to call ourselves rich and complete when in fact being rich doesn`t mean to have all you dream about, to be rich means to learn to appreciate everything you have now and be grateful for all your achievements in this exact moment that you are reading these lines.

To be rich and to feel rich are two concepts similar and equally different from each other, and unfortunately they rarely overlap.

“If you don`t feel rich it is very difficult to become such”

Our greatest treasure is ourselves,within us there are all the right resources to achieve our goals and it is only when we start looking at ourselves from a perspective of completeness that we start taking charge and work confidently for a higher level fulfillment.

What does it mean to feel rich and how to be in this feeling?

-       To feel rich doesn`t mean to have unlimited financial resources, it means to reflect gratitude instead of complaints

-       When you feel rich you give even when it`s all you`ve got

-       To feel rich means to stop complaining about needs that aren`t met and speaking about dreams that are being fulfilled

-       People who feel rich don`t make status a priority, status is something you create for others to see

-       People who feel rich make their living standards a priority, that standard is something they create just for them and their family, it`s not about others and it`s private, it`s about expenses that go “in you” instead of “on you”.

Above all, when you feel rich and complete you are a source of inspiration for others, you are the Sun that everyone wants to have close so that they feel warm, instead of a storm that takes you in and makes you all cloudy and rainy.

It is totally normal in this period to find ourselves in poor spiritual moments, there is no need to stress over them. The important thing is to be aware that you are in the middle of a storm and change direction so that the clouds will fade away and the sun will shine again.


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