Time to create a “new normal” instead of going back to the “old normal”

We feel the pressure and uncertainty slowly fading away, the emptiness is being filled with energy.

People and cars and bicycles are crowding the streets again and the lockdown is already feeling like a distant memory, often more like a trick of imagination than something we really experienced.  The moment you will find yourself back in the usual routine is just by the corner or it might even be here, but did the experience of these last weeks serve you? How can you turn it in your favor?

In moments like this, the homoeostasis kicks in again keeping us in the status quo, making sure no risks are taken and no changes are made. Still the same challenges and the same aches which lead to the same results. Pause for a moment… think of the word: SAME! Repeat it: Same Life, Same Habits, Same results. How does it make you feel?

What would it feel if instead of going back to same, you start to create the change that you wanted for so long? If you think that this is the best moment to start taking action and go for a life that fulfills you , these are the 4 questions you need to answer :

1-     What is the Change you want to Make?

The most important step to create a new and improved normal  is to identify what is the change you want to make. Is it about more: More fun, more financial stability, more personal connections, more contribution… or is it about less: Less Stress, less Unhealthy habits, less noise, less conflict, less confusion… Create a definition of the change you want to make and memorize it, make it visual,share it with your trusted partner, do whatever works for you to keep it highlighted and in your sight!

2-     Who do you want to be?

When it comes to goals, the first perception is that they are about results and action. They are measurable and visible. People seek for external inputs that create motivation to start action,but when you rely on external motivation you give your power to something that does not depend on you. This kind of motivation comes in different forms, it might be a book, a speech, a person, an event but all these forms have one common characteristic:They are temporary and so is their effect. The only motivation that lasts and consequently the change that lasts, is the one that comes from within you. What i mean when i refer to intrinsic motivation is about a certain way of being. It is the answer to the question: Who do I want to be in this life? It is about values ( characteristics) that you must express in the way you interact with others and perceive them. Do you need to be a strong and confident self to make this change or do you need to be a source of peace and wisdom?

Creating change in your life is about being as much as it is about doing,  if you want to create different results in your life you need to be a different you as well!

3-     What actions should I take?

Once you realize what is the change you want to make and how you need to be in order to make it happen, this path comes to more structured steps that are translated into concrete actions.Now it is time to focus on your daily habits, create a list and then divide them into two columns: 1- the Habits that serve to your purpose, 2- the habits that don`t serve to your purpose but are mandatory because of your responsibilities which are not directly related to your purpose.

Your day will include both of these habits but now it`s up to you to decide which of your habits to make a priority in your agenda and be resilient with its implementation. It is the time of conscious habits and establishment of a purposeful daily routine. It is the small and resilient actions that create the change!

4-     How can i keep sustainable results?

Changes require conscious choice and persistence, it is a path filled with challenges and doubts ( mostly self-induced doubts). You were created as a complete and resourceful human being, totally capable to create the life you want, and sometimes it is perfectly normal to feel discouraged and experience feelings of surrender or even going back to old habits. What will help you stay on track and keep progressing is someone who can keep you accountable for your actions. When you share your goal with someone you trust , someone who will be waiting for every milestone of yours to be met week by week, someone who will be there to celebrate your wins and hold you focused in moments of self-doubts to keep the change happening, this way it becomes a path you enjoy more than an ongoing struggle for success.

Be mindful when you choose your partner in this journey, this relationship should be based on trust, safety and caring.Even though you are responsible and totally capable to create all the change you want in your life, having the possibility to rely on someone who is there to support and inspire you during this path becomes an extra guarantee for successful results.


"A coach is someone who is specifically and professionally trained to accompany clients in their own journey of change and fulfillment"

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