The Trap of Comparison

Today it is easier than ever to have all the information and advice that will make you live a fulfilled, purposeful and happy life. The feed is filled with quotes and articles and it is in the same place that we will find photos of people showing the world how their success looks like, what the dream holiday is about, the “brand-showing” outfit, the luxurious car...

It is like in the same place we find inspiration to follow our dreams and work hard, and in the same time we get trapped in a superficial,materialistic show that makes us question ourselves.

I have been there and I have done that!

By that i mean designing my dream life according to the others accomplishments, ta-da as fool as that!

We have been taught to measure our success since we were just kids, even in class we had to compare our grades to others in order to make sure we were doing good. Always aim to be the best, if not, in the “best group”.

What if you just don`t care what grades are the others getting?

What if you just don`t care about the brands but all you want is a cheap T-Shirt and a spectacular view from your tent in the morning? Will you be called successful? Will you be admired and popular?

We are not numbers to be compared, each one of us has a different mission , We must fill different needs in the world, achieve different goals and live different lives

What this world is lacking is authenticity, your original,un-apologetic, “don`t give a f**k you” is the most successful version of yourself. The sooner you embrace your imperfections and realize that they distinguish you, they make you special, the sooner you will learn to love yourself. Self-love is the start of the real dream life, the one that will give you goose bumps and make you feel alive!


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