The One Lesson we need to get from children

As a mom of two, i often find myself rushing in everything i do so i can get to complete all the tasks i planned in my day. It was one of those short conversations before bed with my son that reminded me that we have a lot to learn from children. Their creativity and imagination are an incredible source of inspiration to be better and do better.
This special conversation started with me asking him: what do you have to tell me regarding your behavior today?
Mommy- he said- i behaved well and sometimes badly,
Me: How is it possible? I know you are a very good boy and you can do better than that. Tell me what made you behave badly?
Mateo: Mummy i have two angels , one on the right shoulder who tells me to be a good boy and one on the other shoulder who tells me to be a bad one. Sometimes i listen to the good angel and sometimes i listen to the bad angel, but the important thing is that in the end of the day the good angel wins!
I was surprised with his story (Even though not that much, because he is quite good in making stories when it`s time to justify troubles he created), but this time to me, it was so much more than just a story. As i hugged him and kissed him goodnight, my thoughts went on a workshop that i did a few weeks ago...

I made an intro for that workshop with the story of the two wolves.

"Each one of us has two wolves within, one of them is greedy,angry and sometimes aggressive and the other is peaceful, caring and lovely.These two wolves are both living within us and it's up to us to decide which one of them prevails in the end of the day. "

The one that wins is the one that we nourish the most.
Now, after my conversation with Mateo i realized that it is not two wolves but two angels that live within us. Angels are a better parable because both of these angels have one thing in common: they are meant to protect us!
Depending on the situation, we show a different self, but how would it look if we decide which one of these angels to listen instead of reacting from the situation or the people around us?
If the aim of both these angels is to care about me then i want to take care of myself in a way that i don't hurt anyone else.
Each one of us has the possibility to create instead of react from situations and people, by connecting to the good angel in our shoulder we get to avoid the normal way of doing things and create a new result by caring not only of ourselves but of the impact we create as well.
Children have their own way of seeing good everywhere, they see no wolves, they just see angels. Sometimes the good angel is hidden in the dark, left alone and with no attention but he is still there, we can always tap into that angel and create something positive out of every situation. Perhaps children are right,we are all made of angels we need to see ourselves as such to trust that we can be better and we can do better. 


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