Personal Reflection- What i Learned from my last week!

I have been an observer in my life this last week, and by taking the position of an observer i had the opportunity to understand better what is going on, what kind of feelings cause me certain behaviors and actions.
What i realized is that by stepping back and just observing i was more aware of what's going on inside of me, i focused more on myself instead of other people and the environment. By gaining such information i became more aware of what kind of energy i need in my life and what kind of actions i should take to attract that kind of energy.

So basically, by switching my perspective from an active participant in every issue that affected me to being more of an observer i was able to generate new actions i need to take in order to feel more at peace and have more structure in my day. Basically what i need to do is :

1- be more courageous and say NO when i feel a situation is not serving me

2- Start taking better care of my body (temple).

This personal experience of mine is a lesson that i learned, in order to do better in our work/life we should first feel better. When it comes to emotions the work becomes more complex and we have to dive a little deeper , even deal with intense feelings and their cause, name them and identify what is the need in our life right now! Once the emotions are experienced, the need is identified, the actions to be taken come to light and we are more committed to take those steps because they are deeply connected to our emotions not just our goals.

Some questions to ask yourself when observing:

What`s happening ?

How does/did it feel?

What is the energy?

what is the Need?

I invite you to reflect on your last week from the position of an observer, what advice would you give yourself now?


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