Note to self

Every morning when the alarm clock goes off our responsibilities kick in, accompanied with long to do lists that wait to be checked. It’s like the daily goal is to check every task, done-check ✔️, done-check✔️ and if you could put a name to a successful day it would be a “done-check ✔️ day “

Let’s stop for a while and think of a successful day:

· How does a successful day look to you now?

What if resources and time were not a problem:

· How would a successful day to look to you?Just imagine...


In most cases there is a difference in the answer of both questions above, no matter the scale of difference in the second answer there would be a lot of self-care activities.Things that you long to do, things that you miss and you don’t do now. Things ,activities, time ! Consider some of them as possibilities to include in your daily habits, what could be a good choice? What can you include in your day that is all about you and start from now? Perhaps its a daily walk, or reading a book, or taking a class, or meeting with your positive peers, or just listen to your favorite music. Everyday at least one task should be about taking care of you . It’s time to make yourself a priority and embrace the fact that you deserve it and you own it to the most important person in the world: You!

There is a similarity between selfish and self-care, and the society tends to consider altruism as a great virtue, we are expected to put others needs in front of our own, and doing things for others, dedicating time energy to others represents an indicator of a positive and generous person, and by not performing this way there comes a feeling of guilt!

But, what if all the energy you put into doing things is dedicated to everything else but yourself? How long can you go on until you feel exhausted and unable to give any more?

What if the feelings of not doing enough, sudden anger bursts and loss of connection with what really matters to you were just a signal of your neglected inner self.

It’s exactly your inner self the source that provides all the energy that you need to accomplish every task and duty, to take care of others and be an altruist.

Considering from this perspective, self-care is the fuel that keeps the engine going, and it’s by taking care of your self that the energy level goes up and this enables you to be a better person for yourself and others as well!

Start practicing self-care by answering 2 questions:

  • What am i longing for?
  • How do i say yes to myself?


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