If you feel stuck, you`re not alone!

Have you been feeling unmotivated and confused lately? You find it hard to self-manage and keep a clear vision on your goals and tasks?Don`t worry, you`re not alone!

It was just a couple of weeks ago that you were locked at home, uncertain and fearing for your own and your loved ones lives. Getting back to your job and almost normal life is not something that will happen overnight. It took time to get used to your “lock down life” and it will as well take some time and effort to adapt to the post quarantine life. Every experience we live affects us and it takes time to elaborate what actually happened and sometimes even recover from the effects of this experience.

There is one main word that defines the present and it is change, everything is changing, our social interactions, the way we work and our plans for the future as well. We found ourselves in a situation of RESET , what worked perfectly in the past is no longer an option and we have to define new goals and experiment with our problem solving skills to succeed.

With all this changes going on, and the urge to move fast and find new solutions, feeling overwhelmed and even stuck is normal, and there is a way to use these feelings as a compass for self-discovery and then restart!

What to do if you`re feeling stuck?

-       Give yourself time to process all that`s going on, not around you but within you!Stop trying to avoid your emotions and let yourself experience all of them.Focus on: What are those emotions trying to tell me? What needs to change? When it comes to emotions remember: Emotion is energy in motion, when you`re avoiding them, you`re also avoiding the energy that you need in order to get unstuck

-       Discover how you want your future to be!

You are feeling stuck now, the vision on your future is unclear and consequently not appealing. What does an inspiring and bright future look like for you? What are you doing there? What is the impact you are creating in the world and what is the example you want to give?There has never been a better moment than this to create an enhanced vision for your future!

All of the above is the work you need to do within yourself. You don`t have to go out there looking for answers, you already have all your answers in you. Use this time for self-discovery!

-       Start with small steps- “Baby steps”

Remember, this is a new situation for everyone, and there is not any expert or highly experienced professional who can come with proved solutions that guaranteed results. This is an experimental process that will enable you to find out what works and what doesn`t and then build on these learnings. Be kind to yourself, there will be setbacks and steps forward, keep trying until you discover your own solutions.

“Envision a baby who is learning to walk.Be curious and courageous as a baby who bumps and falls but never gives up until she starts running!”

-       You`re not alone: Create connection and build your group of support

As i said in the beginning, if you feel stuck, you are not alone! Many of us feel the same, and if you share your experience you will create connection with people who feel the same and went through a similar path. Whatever it is that you are doing now:  form running a business, leading a team or just your family, there are other people who are facing the same challenges as you, reach out and brainstorm with them for potential solutions. The support you will find in this connections will serve as a safety net that holds you from falling in self-doubt and provides space for alternative solutions to emerge.


There is a new normal waiting for us to be created, this is the moment to define what needs to change in us in order to create better results out of our life and work. If being stuck for you means taking your time to deal with your emotions and understand what is the unique impact you want to create in this world, then this is the place you need to be until you have figured out all your answers and you feel your blood going and your fingers tips longing to touch a new reality, the one that fills you up and makes you feel alive… Remember you are not alone in this, there are others feeling the exact way as you do. Think of yourself from the perspective of a person who made it and became an inspiration for others as well. What would that person do in this exact moment?



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