How to set the right goals and achieve them the right way?

Have you ever seen a hamster wheel? The hamster keeps running faster and faster but the destination is always the same, the amount of effort that the hamster puts on running won`t change the result as the path is always the same.

Have you ever felt like running on a hamster wheel? You keep doing more and more, running faster and you always end up in the same situation. A life where the feelings of monotony and routine prevail is not a very appealing life, but in the same time it is a great starting point for change!

Being unsatisfied with your life is like a signal that will keep beeping until you do something to turn it off. Most of the time you act as if you`re not listening, like everything is fine and there is no need to shake the waters, but there are always those moments when this signal is so loud that you can`t ignore it any more. You should do something about that, but what?It`s then that questions start:

What am I doing with my life?

Where am I headed?

What is that I want to change?

How would a fulfilled life look like for me?

If you don`t have answers to all this questions there`s no need to worry, you belong to a majority of people who have just started being curios and searching for a way to escape the hamster wheel.

One of the main inhibitors of change is uncertainty and it looks like this: Ok I want to change things but do I know how should they be different? No, not clear and dangerous, I have a lot to lose and I can`t afford it, so let`s stay here.

Each one of us has come in this life with a mission, each one of us has a unique life purpose. You may not be clear about it, but that feeling of discomfort in your life, that signal that keeps beeping is your inner compass trying to tell that you are not in the right direction. It takes experience and reflection to gain clarity on your life purpose. Through experiences you get to know yourself better: What gives you pleasure, what fills you up, what gets your blood going?

On the other hand, inner reflection helps you decide who you have to be in order to accomplish your mission. Will you be a courageous warrior or will you be a wise monk?

Once you gain clarity on your life purpose, setting goals and achieving them becomes easier, it becomes a natural process, a process that we enter to become who we were supposed to! A life purpose works as a lighthouse, every time you look up you know where you are headed, and every time you feel lost all you have to do is follow your inner light. Having your own life purpose statement enables you to identify your path, destination after destination, set goals and achieve them successfully.  There will be setbacks, they are part of the journey and you will deepen the learning and move forward. You will know when to give up, if a certain challenge doesn`t serve to your life purpose and it demands you to be someone you`re not.


What can you do to identify your life purpose starting from today?

1-    Wake Up:Time to turn off the automatic pilot and take charge of your life. Create the “Say No” List, Name all the things that you want to stop doing, behaviors, people, discussions that no longer serve you and keep you attached to the same results. When you cut out unnecessary habits you create space for a more productive routine. Also another advantage of identifying your No`s is that you remove a lot of fog from your vision and you create more clarity on yourself and the environment you want to create around you: Your Yes`s!

2-    Impact:Now that you gained more clarity on what gives you joy and start prioritizing them, it`s time to focus on the impact you want to create.  It`s about getting out of your shoes and doing something for others. If you want to make a change in this world, what will it be? Each one of us is created with a mission to fulfill, a specific need in the world is waiting to be met by you. Some question that will give you this information are:

What is my strength?

What cause is close to my heart?

What is the kind of help people ask from me?

3-    Novelty:Once you have done your internal discovery work, identified what you need to stop doing in your life, as well as clearing up your vision on the impact you want to create, it's time to start taking steps in the right direction. Start trying new experiences, learning new skills and meeting new people. Everything new that you include in your life makes it expand and helps you grow. You won't have all the answers revealed to you, that's why you will have to go out there and find them out. Never stop the process of self-discovery and growth as this is the best strategy to set your goals and create a fulfilled life.


The 3 steps above stand for WIN (Wake Up,Impact, Novelty) a strategy that helps you win your own resistance to change and create a life on purpose. If you start taking these steps every day in a consistent way you will notice a new path reveal to you, clear goals that are a product of your conscious choices and successful strategies created by enhanced skills gained by new experiences you include in your daily life.


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