How to overcome the new challenges in HR

The way we work has changed drastically; we are nowadays referring to Talent retention as much as talent acquisition because it is equally important to be able to retain high-performing team members as it is to add new talents to the team.

The organizational culture is of extreme importance when it comes to the creation and maintenance of a high-performing team. The mindset of employees has changed, and it is crucial to adapt to this new mindset and adopt an enhanced leadership style to make the organization attractive and appealing to talents.

Customer experience will reflect the employee experience and if you want to improve the first one it is better to start with your own employees.

Three steps to implement changes that create a more positive environment:

1-     Run a Diagnostic

There are many tools that can be used to identify what your challenges are. Where do you need to improve as a team and what are your strengths?  

Training, team building activities, retreats, workshops, etc.are all very beneficial but to know which one serves better to your company in this specific moment you should start with a Team Diagnostic that will create a clear idea of the way your team collaborates, communication patterns and your own way of doing things. Only if you are aware of your real challenges, you will be able to identify the needs of your team and make the right interventions that will create sustainable results.

2-     Change Starts from the top

One of the main mistakes that leadership teams make is starting the intervention with mid-level or junior teams. The team culture is normally diffused top-down and so should happen with change as well. The leadership team needs to be aware of the changes needed, a new enhanced vision to be in place, and the strategy that will be used to make this vision a reality as well. It is the responsibility of the leadership team to create a compelling vision for the future of the company and share this vision with others in an inspiring way.  Employees need to be clear on the future desired destination and feel supported in their journey towards this common success.

3-     Choose a program and facilitator that fits your company

The language a company uses goes beyond words. There are written agreements but also unwritten ones, that serve as a compass in crucial moments. Know your employees, what motivates them, and what communication style they lean into when they get things done. Use this information to choose the right partners that will support the company to create change. Getting help from external partners is the right choice when you want to create different results. There is immense value in cooperating with partners who are not affected by internal bias and come with an open mind to understand the needs and provide the right solution for each team. When this partnership is based on similar values, the impact on the team will be immediate and the results sustainable in time. With the many options available in the market today between Training Facilitators, Team-building Activities, Workshops, and retreats make sure to use a demo session before starting the cooperation. This will give you a taste of the service but also will introduce you to the methodology and the personal values of the facilitator/s.

If you are ready to start the transformation journey for your team, feel free to contact us for a demo session. Our Company provides the full range of services:

1-     Team Diagnostic

2-     Tailor-Made Modules

3-     Delivered Online or in-person

4-     Time of Implementation 3-6 Months

5-     Services included in the program: Training,Coaching, Team-Building.

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