How to feel better and be productive during Quarantine?

We are living in an extraordinary situation where the isolation and lack of social interaction affects us all and creates mood swings and feelings of uncertainty.

This new lifestyle, if not managed properly might turn into a starting point for self-doubt and burnout, therefore it is very important to use this time in a way that it will serve you instead of leaving this time consume you!

It is now the best moment to access your own leadership and take responsibility on the way you feel and action you take every day! A leader is someone who is responsible for his own life, despite of the position or the situation.

There are two main points you should focus your attention right now:


1.    Manage your Emotions- You might experience different feelings during the day, but it is your responsibility to create positive emotions through a conscious selection of thoughts and activities that you enjoy. Positive intent boosts creativity and creativity brings action

2.    Create Action- There will be moments when you won`t feel like doing anything, you may lack the motivation and the energy, but it is still you responsibility to create a productive day. Action brings motivation, so don`t wait to be motivated in order to start, start so you can feel motivated!



What can we do to feel better and have more productive days during quarantine?


Here are some things you can start doing from now:


-       Create positivity in your day by doing things you enjoy: Make a list of indoor activities you enjoy and put it in a visible place. Plan to do at least 3 different activities every day, it will give you a boost of energy and positivity

-       Identify a Quarantine Goal: If there is one thing you would like to achieve during this time, what would it be? How would you feel knowing that you got to achieve an important goal to you during quarantine? Identify the actions you need to take and plan your days ahead so that you will make sure you have actions to take every day and a goal to achieve. Remember, when you don`t feel like doing much, start small. Sometimes all it takes is a small step, similar to your pre-quarantine routine will make you feel better and motivated for more.

-       Say no to Information Overload: Limit the news on coronavirus to one time per day, it is enough to keep you updated and it will limit your exposure to stress and anxiety caused by frequent information.

-       Acknowledge yourself : You are living a once in a lifetime experience, it takes strength and courage to face this situation. Stop judging yourself and be proud of everything you got to do during the day,even if it is just keeping yourself safe! Don`t compare yourself to others, become an inspiration instead of searching for it.

-       Give your Contribution: Giving is the best gift you can do to yourself! A life fully lived is one where you get to create an impact and give your contribution to make things better. Sometimes all you need to do is stop thinking of yourself and focus on others. There are people suffering more than you, people in need. What can you do to help them? Perhaps just a phone call to say hello, or online grocery shopping for someone in need, find your own way to become a source of positivity and inspiration, there is nothing the world needs more than that right now!

Use this time to reconnect to your loved ones and focus on what really matters to you, this is the time to refresh and restart.

Redesign your goals, it is about to start a new life, make yourself ready for a bright new future!


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