How can an Entrepreneur keep the Team Aligned and supportive in challenging times?

Entrepreneurs are facing one of the biggest challenging moments because of the actual situation and the results of the lock down with affect their companies and teams, causing many changes. Leaders should rely on their teams and adapt to these changes all together so that they can overcome this setback, here are some tips on how to work with your team and use its full potential:


1-    Open Communication- Tell the truth

Be honest with your team and speak clearly about the actual situation, if you want the team to be supportive you have to make them part of the problem and the solution as well.

2-    Stated Goal- Where is the team headed?

Don`t assume people know the goal of the company for this year, speak about it. Each team member must be aware of the team goal so that they can contribute

3-    Build trust- Lead by example

As e leader your role is to serve to your team so that they can use their full potential. You can`t ask them for their full contribution if you don`t give yours first.

4-    Clear roles and responsibilities

An effective strategy is built on clear roles and responsibilities, make sure for each team member to be aware of own responsibilities and keep them accountable

5-    Positive Working Environment- Focus on strengths

In every challenging situation, there are teams that make it and others that don`t. Work with your team from the perspective of success, focus on championing and acknowledging strengths before redirecting.

6-    External Interventions- Online -Team Coaching/Team Building/ Training ...

If youtried something that worked in the past, use it again now. If not, then this isthe perfect time to get some help for you as a leader and for the team to bemore motivated and collaborative in overcoming this challenging situation.


How Team Coaching Works?


Phase 1 --Team Assessment: Where are we today?

Phase 2 --Team Coaching sessions:Scheduled sessions to work with the team as a system

Phase 3 -- Completition: review of results and Post-Coaching measurement


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