5 Steps to Get Unstuck and Achieve Your Goals

There is one unique starting point for people who move forward and succeed, and it is : Change!

They want to change their lives and sometimes this change means more success, more fulfillment, more peace, more purpose and sometimes this change is about less, less stress, less pressure, less noise, less confusion.

There are many different factors included in change and they depend on personal choices, but there is one common force to be challenged when trying to make a difference, it is the: “Resistance to Change”.

As human beings we function based on homeostasis, which in simple words means: maintain the status quo at every circumstance, do not accept changes, do not take risks, do not expose to the unknown. It might sound like it plays against our dreams in a certain way, but the main purpose of homeostasis is to keep us safe!

There is nothing wrong with the need to be safe, it is a natural human behavior and no one should feel judged about it!

Going back to change as a way to get out of the safety net,the biggest resistance people face is their own resistance to change and the bigger the change you want to make, the stronger this resistance feels.

Resistance to change comes in different forms of self-doubt and barriers such as insufficiency of means for change, lack of opportunities,no support from other people and so on. We are very good to calculate the costs of each step outside of our status quo: if I do this, I will need this amount of money in my account, or if I do this, I will lose this, and so on. On the other hand there is another cost that should be taken into consideration when trying to make a change:

What is the cost if one year from today you will be in the same place?

By turning the perspective into the future and identifying the emotions you want to experience, you make the switch from present to a desired future. Change is often perceived as risk more than growth, and this keeps people from moving forward.

If you felt you wanted to make a change but there are many reasons that keep you from moving, just  remember to identify the cost of not making that change, what is the cost of being in the same position one year from today?  If you are comfortable with that feeling, it is totally perfect!

But, if you feel you can not stand the idea of being in the same position one year from today, then today is the time to start changing!  

How? Here are 5 steps to create change in your life:

1.     Start with the “One year from today” perspective:How do you want to see yourself one year from today?


2.     Focus on the emotions you want to experience: What will it feel like?


3.     Visualize yourself in that particular moment: how will you look?


4.     Be specific in actions you need to take in order to get there: What will you do starting from today to get there? Create an action plan with specific steps you will take each month.

5.     Write your answers down, create a board, share it with people you trust, do whatever works best for you to be connected to your goal and start with those actions today!

Once you clarify your destination, the resistance to change starts to weaken because it is another need that demands to be filled now, and it is the need to show up as your true self and succeed!


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